Structural Failures

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Understand root causes to prevent future structural failures

Exponent's engineers consult with clients to understand why buildings fail, who, if anyone, is at fault, how to repair the damage, and how to prevent similar failures in the future.

How do you objectively determine accurate root causes of structural failures and apply those lessons to prevent future failures?

Exponent's multidisciplinary team comprised of geotechnical, mechanical, and materials science engineers analyze complex failures in a broad range of structures, from buildings, industrial structures, and transmission towers to tunnels and bridges.

Following our best-practice scientific approach, we observe evidence, such as photographic documentation, measurements, field notes, and witness interviews, and review information about accident sites, including construction drawings, building-department files, and geotechnical reports. Based on our observations, we then form multiple hypotheses about the failure mechanism and validate or invalidate in the form of engineering calculations, material science, and laboratory testing. Understanding and quantifying failure enables our engineering team to assess the severity of the damage and propose repair or mitigation.


Exponent provides experienced consulting expertise for a range of structural failure scenarios.

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