Visual Communication

Visual Storytelling for Breakthrough Insights

Graphic depicting tractor trailer accident

Visual Tools That Drive Scientific Understanding

Help your audiences visualize the science and engineering concepts behind complex challenges. Exponent's Visual Communication (VCOM) team supports our experts by leveraging cutting-edge tools and technologies to visually convey vital information to our clients, juries, and lay audiences.

Visual Communication graphic of man walking in front of car

Help Audiences Picture the Science

As an integral component of Exponent projects, the VCOM team works directly with scientific and engineering practices at all stages of a project's life cycle, from data collection to presentation. Our team takes complex scientific findings, issues, and concepts and distills them into visuals that will captivate and educate an audience, while ensuring that all graphics are scientifically accurate.

Studies show that 65% of people are visual learners. Moreover, memory increases 700% when information is both explained and shown.

Capture Data with Cutting-Edge Tools 

In the early stages of a project, VCOM's expert knowledge in 3D data collection, drone mapping, photography, and video are proven and powerful tools for scene documentation, evidence preservation, and accurate 3D measurements.

Visualize in Three Dimensions 

Using 3D software, VCOM combines 3D data from point clouds, inspection measurements, CAD plans, CT reconstruction, digital surrogates, and other sources to build to-scale, accurate 3D scenes and models that not only help explain your results but can also be an integral part of spatial investigation​.  

Visually Communicate Your Story 

It can be challenging to communicate complex technical and scientific information in a way that your audiences can understand. Using images and animation, VCOM creates clear and compelling visuals that bring our clients' findings to life. Our experienced team work with Exponent experts to ensure an accurate, admissible, and memorable visual experience. ​