Human Factors

Understanding the science behind human behavior

Exponent investigates human factors for a wide array of reasons — including making products safer, improving work environments, investigating accidents, and informing product design — by examining what drives human decisions, behaviors, and actions.

How do you better understand human decisions, actions, and behaviors when they interact with products, the environment, and processes?

Exponent's human factors scientists investigate a wide variety of areas such as accident investigation, user experience and research, consumer products, medical and pharmaceutical fields, transportation, industrial, and occupational safety.

Potential influences on human behavior and performance include physical and sensory capacities like vision, hearing, ergonomics, proprioception, and cognitive functions like attention, memory, information processing, perception, reaction time, and decision making. Understanding human capabilities and limitations can help you understand how an accident occurred, why people make mistakes or take risks, or assess likely interactions with a product or environment to better inform design decisions and safety communications.

Our human factors analyses have influenced decisions about product recalls, design changes to address safety issues, and provided support throughout a product lifecycle. Exponent is unique in how we approach challenges associated with human factors — applying scientific rigor for breakthrough insights.


Whether consulting on products under development or investigating accidents, Exponent delivers clear, evidence-based insights on a range of human factors. 

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Scientific User Research

Inform Your UX Decisions With Science

Our Exponent user experience (UX) teams design safe, successful user experience rooted in a deep understanding of your audiences. While we can tackle virtually any UX challenge, we offer particular expertise in automotive products, consumer products, industrial equipment, and medical devices.

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Our global and comprehensive expertise across industries gives us a deep understanding of current challenges, best industry practices, and the implications of emerging technologies.