Exponent's Denver office is located in Lower Downtown (Lo-Do), a short walk from Union Station.  Our Denver office positions our consultants to respond quickly to incidents, be in proximity to clients, and recruit top talent from universities in the Midwest. Our Denver laboratories enable our consultants to gather insights by testing and analyzing evidence, samples, prototypes, and human subjects.  

Exponent's Denver consultants deliver the highest value by leveraging multidisciplinary expertise and resources from across Exponent's offices in North America, Asia, and Europe. Exponent's consultants, laboratories, databases, and computing resources work seamlessly together around the globe, allowing us to solve the toughest scientific and engineering challenges of multinational companies, startups, law firms, insurance companies, government, and society. 

Our industry expertise includes chemicals, construction, consumer products, electronics, energy, food and beverage, government, industrial and manufacturing, life sciences and healthcare, mining, software and computer science, transportation, and utilities.


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Cj Coccia, Ph.D., P.E.

Managing Engineer