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When companies bring new technology products to market, unexpected scientific and engineering challenges can arise at any step. Whether for a novel wearable, the latest phone, or a smart thermostat, you need clear answers to complex questions, quickly. Exponent can help you get there.

Our Work in the Electronics Industry

Our expertise spans the product lifecycle, supporting products across design, testing, manufacturing, and safety issues.

Person smiling and texting on cell phone. Exponent's technical research helps innovate smarter and better performing phones and electronics


We help make phones safer and stronger through advanced materials R&D.

Runner checks his stats on a smartwatch. Exponent leads innovation with research, testing and evaluation of wearable technologies.


We boost safety and accessibility, leveraging our expertise in biomechanics and data sciences.

A person sitting outside, working on a laptop with cup of coffee. Exponent's engineering research advances next gen computer electronics.


We help computers perform better and last longer by solving complex engineering challenges.

Person wearing a virtual reality headset. Exponent  helps innovators explore the possibilities of virtual reality products.

Virtual Reality

We help bring new technologies to market by deploying unique expertise at the interface of technology and human perception.

Product Lifecycle
How We Help Electronics Companies

Partnership for the Long Term

From the drawing board to the testing lab to the real world, Exponent assembles the right experts for your unique challenge. We provide a one-stop shop through connected teams spanning multiple disciplines such as user experience, mechanics, materials and more. Our customizable capabilities go beyond standard techniques to give you the confidence you need to boldly go to market with new and differentiated products. 

How we help clients

Electronics-Batteries and Energy Storage_lab testing
Batteries & Energy Storage

Build Better, Safer, More Reliable Batteries

Our battery and energy storage capabilities support clients with performance-critical products at all sizes and scale — from implantable medical devices to grid storage systems  — and at all stages of the product lifecycle. Whether you're innovating a new product, securing your supply chain, or seeking to unravel an intellectual property claim, our experts have been on the ground floor of the industry since its start. And we're helping lead it forward.  

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A man consults with an automotive tester
Exponent UX

Inform Your UX Decisions With Science

Our User Experience (UX) teams design safe, successful user experience rooted in a deep understanding of your audiences. While we can tackle virtually any UX challenge, we offer particular expertise in automative products, consumer products, industrial equipment, and medical devices.

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What Can We Help You Solve?

Across decades of work with electronics products, we've developed specialized capabilities to address the most vital challenges. And we thrive on innovating new ways to help.

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