Biomechanical Injury Investigations & Analysis

Muscular skeletal sketch of individual in car crash. Exponent biomechanical analysis of injury claims.

Assess complex injury biomechanics when incidents and accidents occur

Many types of incidents result in injury claims — such as vehicle collisions, use and misuse of equipment, rapid stops or starts of elevators or amusement rides, and slips, trips, and falls at ground level or from height. Such incidents require skilled biomechanical analysis to determine whether and how the magnitude and direction of loading may cause specific injuries and to communicate the results in a relevant and understandable context.

How do you accurately determine the biomechanical mechanisms of injuries?

Using extensive resources, testing capabilities, and expertise, Exponent accurately reconstructs and analyzes the nature and magnitude of mechanical loading applied to the body in a wide array of human interactions with their surroundings. We equip clients with an understanding of the mechanisms necessary to cause many types of musculoskeletal and head injuries as well as relevant comparisons that make sense in a real-world context. Supporting capabilities include computer modeling studies and incident-specific simulations, when appropriate, to assess kinematics and response to applied loading.

Assessing the loads acting on the body often begins with analyzing the subject incident. In incidents involving motor vehicles, for example, a reconstruction is performed to determine vehicle dynamics and motions. This data is then used to evaluate the motions and loading experienced by the occupants, including interactions with restraints and vehicle structures. A specific understanding of occupant characteristics and medical history is often relevant to these evaluations.


Exponent's multidisciplinary team provides rigorous injury analysis and accident reconstruction services to investigate human motion, loading, and injury potential in a variety of transportation, industrial, and recreational settings.

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