Premises & Workplace Injuries

Biomechanical injury in the workplace

Reconstruction and investigation of premises injury claims

Premises and workplace injury claims often require understanding the interaction of biomechanics with areas such as human factors, mechanical design, and materials science. Exponent's multidisciplinary experts equip clients with answers based on extensive incident evaluation.

How do you accurately evaluate and communicate what happened and why for an incident resulting in a premises or workplace injury claim?

Exponent's multidisciplinary teams perform extensive analysis of injury claims using kinematic analyses (how people and objects move), 3D modeling and testing, medical forensic and trauma analyses, human factors analysis of human interaction with the environment, and mechanical engineering and/or materials science assessments of object composition and failures to reconstruct premises and workplace injuries and adverse events.

Exponent's teams investigate and evaluate injury potential during events such as slips, trips, and falls; objects falling and striking individuals; and injuries resulting from operation of equipment. We have extensive experience investigating claims in numerous environments, including workplaces, hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, public places, and residential areas, and we are uniquely qualified to assess complex liability claims with our breadth and depth of scientific and engineering experience and trial expertise.

Our experts can often reconstruct premises and workplace incidents, synthesizing information from multiple disciplines to understand and communicate what happened and how it relates to human injury. Our biomechanics experts may evaluate the motion and interaction of individuals and objects during an incident and the resultant mechanical loading of the human body. These findings can be related to injury mechanisms and case-specific evidence. Exponent's evaluations often consist of reviewing medical records and medical imaging, inspecting premises, and measuring relevant parameters like slip resistance or fall distance.

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