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How Do We Ensure Technology Doesn't Discriminate?

A crowd of people use a cross walk in a large city. Exponent helps build more inclusive technologies for all.

Gathering Diverse Biometric Data

How can we build biometric technologies that work for all users?

The Challenge

Biometric data are used everywhere through multiple types of devices to read our fingerprints, identify our faces, and authenticate our identities. But companies have struggled with developing biometric products that account for the vast diversity of people, ethnicities, and other ethnographic factors that impact product performance.  

Are the sensors able to read data from all types of people? Are the software algorithms inclusive of everyone who might use the device? If not, certain people might find their phones hard to unlock or their heart monitors prone to error. 

The world's leading technology companies have been striving to understand the potential sources of bias and eliminate them.  

EXPONENT's Multidisciplinary Solution

Exponent teams collect user data and product research on six continents to ensure biometrics algorithms are trained and tested against the broadest sampling possible. Additionally, our experts advise product designers on approaches that can help make devices more inclusive. 

Exponent's Impact

Exponent has provided technology inclusivity consulting on dozens of products for the world's most high-profile product makers. The goal is to create products that are not only safe and user friendly — but just and equitable.