Biomechanical Expertise for Virtual & Augmented Reality

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Exponent's biomechanics team provides breakthrough insights for virtual and augmented reality device development, helping you to accurately pinpoint design, manufacturing, and performance challenges.

How does Exponent's unique approach help you understand and mitigate complex challenges related to next-gen virtual and augmented reality technologies?

Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) is one of the world's fastest growing technology sectors. Characterized by novel engineering and safety issues, these technologies are often so cutting-edge that regulatory standards and best practices have yet to be written.

Innovators are increasingly aware of design, manufacturing, and performance issues related to wearable technology, including battery safety, material biocompatibility, light detection and ranging (LIDAR), laser radiation safety, and headset ergonomics. They are also faced with a variety of user-experience issues like safe usage; the design of warnings and instructions; potential effects on vision, balance, or subjective well-being (e.g., nausea); and user enjoyment, adoption, and usability.

Our unique approach to AR/VR usability and safety delivers valuable insights through all stages of the product lifecycle. Our biomechanics experts apply systematic analysis to examine long-term wear, product fit, movement dynamics, impacts of loading forces, and sensitivities regarding anthropometry such as BMI, skin, and age.

Exponent's decades of experience solving complex, interdisciplinary problems enables us to help confront your toughest challenges, including how to modify design to meet differentiated needs of multiple demographics.

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