Polymers & Materials Used for Consumer Electronics

Crowd holds up cell phones at concert. Exponent provides technical engineering support for electronic device development.

Build devices that are safe, compatible, and built to last

Thermosets, thermoplastics, and their composites are used in a wide range of consumer electronics and are sought after by product manufacturers for their high strength-to-weight ratio, cost-effectiveness, ease of processing, and design flexibility. Exponent helps manufacturers select, optimize, and test polymers and materials such as adhesives, coatings, and other plastics used in consumer electronics.

Make informed decisions regarding the polymers and materials used in consumer electronics.

The demand for the latest trends in electronic technologies continues to drive the consumer market. Manufacturers benefit from conducting due diligence when choosing materials, with an eye on consumer safety and environmental sustainability.  Protecting and validating trade and intellectual property at every step of the product lifecycle is also critical — and when issues of warranty or recall arise, clients turn to Exponent for strategic guidance and support.

How does our multidisciplinary approach to consulting benefit you?

Exponents' multidisciplinary experts leverage expertise in polymer manufacturing and custom chemical testing to provide cost- and time-effective analysis of polymers, paints, coatings, adhesives, and thin films used in a wide array of consumer electronic devices.

Our teams assist clients with the design, manufacture, and reliability of new electronic products and with assessing material selection, compatibility, failures, warranties, and recalls.

We implement lessons learned from our 50+ years of conducting failure analysis to bring our clients essential insights grounded in proven scientific methods and provide strategic support for issues of intellectual property. 

Our experts support factory audits, and the development of in-line or incoming quality control tests, and we also routinely conduct field failure investigations. We address client concerns related to all aspects of product development as well as important issues involving the health of staff, customers, and the environment. 


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Our multidisciplinary approach assists clients in evaluating polymer and material performance in consumer electronics.

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