Personal Care Products & Cosmetics

Natural beauty products and soaps neatly displayed on countertop. Exponent analyzes ingredients in personal care products.

Assess and verify ingredients and product claims

Exponent's multidisciplinary teams support personal care and cosmetic laboratories and manufacturers to ensure ingredient, formulation, and marketing claims are investigated for accuracy and safety.

How does Exponent support you in all aspects of your product lifecycle for personal care and cosmetics?

The cosmetic industry has used natural and synthetic polymers in personal care products since the 1800s. Exponent's multidisciplinary teams work to provide our clients with research and support throughout the entire product lifecycle — from ingredient selection, formulation, and manufacturing to product performance, distribution, recall, replacement, and recycling.

We test to ensure all ingredients meet the strictest safety standards, are compounded for safety, and are properly labeled with ingredient lists and compound information. If disputes or claims do arise, we can provide testing support services and expert witness testimony.

How does our multidisciplinary approach benefit you?

Our multidisciplinary teams are composed of chemists, polymer specialists, materials engineers, regulatory experts, and health and environmental scientists who assist in the testing, verification, and validation of synthetic and natural ingredients and help you ensure safety, navigate regulatory requirements, and validate claims before they are used for marketing a product.

Today, many consumers demonstrate a stronger preference for natural, organic, and sustainable materials in products like makeup, deodorant, soaps, and shampoo  — each product must be validated and properly labeled for marketing and labeling purposes.

We are globally distributed and can deploy to evaluate a client's manufacturing processes. We identify formula substitutions, assess product lifecycle needs, and consult on the disposal of materials as well as meeting and exceeding regulatory safety standards.

Capabilities and Services

Our multidisciplinary experts are uniquely positioned and experienced to provide essential insights for ingredients within cosmetic and personal care products, including hydrogels, emulsions and dispersions, and formulated products. 

Our Capabilities Are Unparalelled

With expertise in over 90 disciplines and hundreds of capabilities, tools, and methodologies — we get to the root of even the most complex challenges and give you the objective answers you need.