Polymers Expertise for Consumer Products

A young person wears headphones made of synthetic polymer material. Exponent evaluates products in consumer products.

Rigorous testing and analysis of polymers in consumer products

Natural and synthetic polymers in the form of plastics, rubbers, adhesives, composites, textiles, and coatings are used in a variety of consumer products and packaging materials. Exponent's polymer science and materials chemistry consultants leverage expertise in these macromolecular materials to provide design support and technical guidance throughout the entire product lifecycle.

How do we help clients create safer, more resilient, compliance-based consumer products?

Polymer-based components are incorporated into consumer products and packaging at multiple stages of the product lifecycle. Exponent assists clients in choosing and formulating the right polymer products through every stage — from product ideation, design, and manufacturing to regulatory compliance, durability assessment, intellectual property protection, product recalls, and sustainability and recycling.

We combine our knowledge of polymers with a practical understanding of all aspects of chemistry, structure, processing, and properties to help clients make informed product development decisions. We support material vendor selection, production facility inspections, and health and safety assessments of the impacts of polymer and composite materials on workers, consumers, and the environment.

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