Product Analysis & Improvement

Wearables & Biocompatibility

A runner stops to check their smartwatch. Exponent collects real-world evidence and expands data acquisition capabilities to improve healthcare.

Supporting the future of safer wearable technologies

When you've got a cutting-edge product, Exponent can provide leading strategies to assess biocompatibility and safety.

The Challenge

There is no single standard method for assessing either dermal exposure from wearables or for characterizing the elicitation dose-response relationships for sensitizing chemicals. So, when our client became concerned that its product may be at risk of causing reactions among some users, it chose Exponent for our deep expertise in comprehensive biomedical device testing. 

Exponent's MULTIDISCIPLINARY Solution  

Wearable technologies such as smart watches and fitness devices contain metals, plastics, and adhesives that can leach chemicals into the skin and cause allergic reactions. To support our client, Exponent assembled a multidisciplinary team to assess what exactly was causing wearable reactions and how to resolve the issues.

Exponent's Impact

Our work supported our client in understanding and addressing the nature of potential risks associated with its products, arming them with the necessary information for effective decision making. 

Additionally, our work has assisted innovators and manufacturers of wearable smart technology in the development of skin-contacting products and helps to elevate awareness of overall biocompatibility in wearable devices. Our innovative testing methods are guided by regulatory standards and intended to support the development of safer manufacturing processes and products.