Polymers Used for Food & Beverage Packaging

Water bottle packaging and assembly. Exponent consultants help with selection, testing, and analysis of food packaging

Food and beverage packaging consulting

Food and beverage packaging is highly regulated as it deals with preserving food and ensuring safety for consumers. Exponent's polymer & material scientists provide guidance, testing, and analysis to help optimize the safety, compliance, and performance of polymer and composite packaging.

How do we assist clients in assuring polymeric materials are safe and sustainable for food packaging?

Food and beverage manufacturers must consider the functionality, versatility, marketability  — as well as the sustainability and environmental impacts of their packaging materials. Backed by solid expertise in natural and synthetic plastics, rubbers, adhesives, textiles, coatings, and composite systems, our experts help clients select materials for packaged and bottled goods that meet various performance requirements for non-perishables, microwave or oven-safe cooking, shelf stability, and more.

We evaluate materials with regard to compliance with relevant regulatory standards.

Exponent helps clients ensure polymers meet the latest EPA standards regarding product sustainability and recyclability. We can also identify materials that meet transportation requirements, are biodegradable, or BPA-free, or that meet regional requirements for sustainability or recyclability. Whatever your packaging needs, our consultants work directly with your internal teams and vendors to ensure quality and alignment with your design and product lifecycle goals.

In addition, our polymer and materials scientists have extensive experience in food and beverage regulatory requirements enforced by the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S., Food Standards Agency in the UK, European Food Safety Authority in the EU, and other international regulatory agencies.


Our multidisciplinary teams test and evaluate your product from diverse angles  — from product performance and adhesive qualities to paints and coatings to sustainability and recyclability. 

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