Structures Affected by Fires & Explosions

Structures Affected by Fires & Explosion

Investigate structural damage caused by blast-related fires

Exponent investigates and analyzes fires and explosions — ranging from high-profile industrial explosions to single-family home fires — often caused by dust clouds, gas leaks, an unintended or uncontrolled industrial chemical reaction, wildfires, or a malicious act.

How do you effectively determine root cause for a fire or explosion?

Investigating structures subjected to explosive pressure and intense heat requires knowledge of structural mechanics, thermal and materials science, and, in some instances, forensic meteorology. Exponent's structural engineers often work side-by-side with our fire protection engineers and thermal scientists to gain a complete understanding of the source, nature, and damage mechanisms of fires.

While fires and explosions initially damage or destroy property, subsequent intense heat, expanding gas, and pressure loads can also damage buildings and structures. In addition to thermal damage to materials, uncontrolled heat can cause structural expansion, distortion, and damage — even in areas far from the incident's heat extremes. Because of these varying damage mechanisms, our experts evaluate how a variety of construction materials — ranging from structural steel to concrete to timber — respond to extreme temperatures.

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