Structural & Geotechnical Quantitative Risk Assessment

Consultants analyze data on laptop screen. Exponent engineers perform quantitative risk assessment for buildings and structures.

Protect buildings and infrastructure with cutting-edge quantitative risk analysis

Risks to buildings and infrastructure come in many forms, from extreme weather, earthquakes, and wildfires to flooding and explosions. Exponent provides innovative, quantitative risk assessments to help clients plan and protect their buildings, infrastructure, and valuable assets.

How do you effectively assess and address potential risks to buildings and infrastructure?

Exponent's multidisciplinary risk assessment teams collaborate to offer groundbreaking quantitative risk analysis, failure probability studies, and structural risk assessments for protecting buildings, infrastructure, and assets. Exponent's risk assessment services help you predict, plan, and decide with confidence when setting maintenance and operational priorities.

Exponent works with clients to safeguard operations, minimize liabilities, improve safety, and maintain business continuity. Our quantitative, risk-based operability assessments accurately evaluate asset performance to enable real-time decisions that protect customers and communities.


Exponent's quantitative risk analysis services help clients better understand potential risks to buildings and structures from numerous events and hazards, enabling you to proactively plan and protect your assets.

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