Post-Earthquake Safety & Damage Assessment

A collapsed apartment in the aftermath of an earthquake, rooms are exposed to the outside. Exponent experts assess the damage.

Assess earthquake damage and mitigate risk

Each year, approximately 16 major earthquakes of 7.0 magnitude or higher occur globally with the potential to cause devastating damage, particularly when the epicenter is in a populated area. With a multidisciplinary approach to earthquake engineering and nearly five decades of experience, Exponent is uniquely qualified to determine the nature and extent of earthquake damage, evaluate the contributions of perhaps several causal factors, and identify the most appropriate repairs.

Why is a multidisciplinary approach so important for thorough post-earthquake safety and damage assessments? 

By studying earthquake impact to existing structures that have and have not sustained earthquake damage, our multidisciplinary team of structural, civil, geotechnical, and geological engineers has developed a deep understanding of how to determine the nature and extent of damage, evaluate the contributions of perhaps several causal factors, and identify the most appropriate repairs. 

Exponent offers comprehensive support to property owners, insurance and legal communities, and government agencies (U.S. and international) — both in the aftermath of earthquakes including: 

  • Rapid response to affected earthquake zones  

  • Post-earthquake investigations of causative mechanisms resulting in structural damage, failure, or collapse 

  • Using our deep experience in applying geographic information systems (GIS) to disaster response 

  • Specialized training in the assessment of post-earthquake conditions for adjusters 

Our earthquake engineering team understands the nature of seismic hazards on buildings and to the ground they rest upon. Exponent has been a leader in the post-earthquake safety and damage assessment community by being at the forefront of the development of post-earthquake safety and damage assessment standards and guidelines. This rich experience and leadership has earned Exponent a preeminent position in post-earthquake assessments. 

Globally, Approximately
Earthquakes with 7.0 Magnitude or More Happen Annually
Damage Totaling More Than
$20 B
Resulted from the Magnitude 6.7 Northridge Earthquake

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