Remote Sensing Analysis

Satellite Image from Space

Address complex engineering challenges with remote sensing services

Exponent provides remote sensing and geospatial analytics, including geographic information systems (GIS) to help clients better understand their site through data and modeling.

How does remote sensing provide insights for better decisions?

Remote sensing is the process of detecting and monitoring the physical characteristics of an area or an object from a distance and without physical contact. The application of remote sensing involves a wide variety of technologies from state-of-the-art satellites to contactless thermometers. Recent technological advancements have made powerful sensing instruments a fundamental part of modern-day society, including GPS, aerial photography, aircraft radar, and autonomous vehicle laser scanners. More importantly, they have allowed unprecedented potential for evaluating today's most challenging problems, from understanding climate change, to predicting natural hazards and analyzing the effects of anthropogenic processes. 

These sophisticated technologies are especially useful for gathering geographic data about a site through the creation of digital 3D models, monitoring natural surface conditions as crop health and natural resources or evaluating surface processes as ground and infrastructure deformations. With our multidisciplinary capabilities in civil engineering and ecological and biological sciences, Exponent can deliver valuable insights for clients about their sites to support infrastructure management, construction claims evaluation, earth movement, natural resources assessments, risk analyses, planning and development efforts, and more.


Our experienced civil engineering consultants can support a range of needs with our expert remote sensing services.

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