Seismic Risk Assessment

Seismic Risk Evaluation

Evaluate the seismic vulnerability of buildings and structures

Exponent conducts probabilistic structural risk assessments of buildings, bridges, and other structures to determine the annual likelihood of unacceptable seismic performance and provide recommendations for strategies to achieve target levels of reliability.

How do you perform objective seismic risk evaluations on critical structures like nuclear reactors and utility infrastructure?

Exponent's multidisciplinary seismic engineering teams assess multiple seismic risk factors including location, age, and structural condition to help ensure structural integrity in the event of an earthquake.

Since Japan's 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has renewed its focus on seismic risks to U.S. nuclear power plants. Exponent considers the proximity of existing faults near structures as well as structure strength, construction, and retrofitting plans to identify potential risk from earthquakes.

Our engineers have developed several analytical methods for estimating the performance of older non-ductile concrete frame buildings when subjected to earthquake ground motions. In addition to non-ductile concrete frames, we also assess buildings with unreinforced bearing walls, wood structures with soft stories, and buildings lifted with tilt-up panels.

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