Earthwork & Grading

Earthwork & Grading​

Evaluating the ground infrastructure is built upon

Exponent's multidisciplinary team helps you understand how to effectively evaluate the characteristics and expected performance of the ground our infrastructure rests upon.

How do you accurately characterize, assess, and evaluate the performance of earthwork and grading projects supporting our infrastructure?

Infrastructure is a vital component of our modern society. The reliability of our infrastructure is based, in part, on the stability of the ground on which it is founded and the earth with which it is built. Virtually all new infrastructure projects and land development involve modification of the ground surface topography by grading — the excavation, hauling, and placement of rock or soil material — to create building pads, roadway subgrade, and foundations. Grading and earthwork are typically the least expensive and most reliable means of improving relatively shallow, weak, or compressible soil conditions by removal and replacement of the suspect material.

Exponent's engineering geologists and geotechnical engineers specialize in characterizing subsurface conditions, determining the site grading history and their effects on stability, and evaluating the performance of cut or fill slopes and compacted fill through monitoring and computer analysis. We conduct field investigations of graded site failures, determine slope failure causes, analyze dam and levee performance and failures, as well as provide emergency response and evaluation services in the event of hazardous failures and associated structural damage. Exponent also has the construction experience necessary to provide consulting services during large grading projects by assessing ground conditions and project specifications and evaluating differing site conditions and entitlement for change orders.

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