On-site Inspections

We're There, Where and When You Need Us

Damage from Adjacent Construction

Get the Full Story With Evidence-Based Insights

On-site inspections uncover scientific and engineering evidence to drive your most important decisions. Whether you need us to rush to the scene of an accident, visit a site to proactively manage liabilities, or evaluate a facility, Exponent is there. All testing is conducted in accordance with the appropriate U.S. or international quality standards.

Keep your critical inspections moving forward: Exponent provides remote inspection and lab testing services. We also assist with inspections in remote locations with limited internet service by using our encrypted cellular-bonding video streaming capability.  

industrial fire
Catastrophe Response for Accidents and Failures 

Identify Root Causes, Fast 

Getting to the scene of catastrophe in a timely manner is critical to answering "why did this happen?" Whether it's an earthquake, chemical spill, or equipment failure, Exponent's integrated teams of scientists and engineers can be on the scene within hours, capturing vital evidence that uncovers root causes. 

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Building structure collapsing after Mexico City earthquake
Buildings and Structures 

A Foundation for Building and Construction Insights

Count on Exponent when you need support on projects impacting one structure or an entire city. From root cause analysis to getting ahead of risks, we provide on-site inspections for a wide range of building and construction needs:

  • conducting damage surveys
  • determining technical causes of failures
  • evaluating site surface conditions
  • evaluating differing site conditions
  • investigating construction vibration damage
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Working Using Machine in Factory

Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Health Assessments

Clients seek our expertise to assess issues involving workplace chemical and dust exposures, warehouse and manufacturing facilities, construction sites, mining operations, hazardous waste sites — anywhere it's paramount to balance compliance with productivity. We also sample for a wide variety of contaminants to address your food, air quality, and water quality concerns. Our experts are well-versed in helping you navigate:

Exponent's Center for Occupational and Environmental Health Risk Assessment assists in addressing and evaluating complex workplace and environmental health and safety questions. Tap into our experience on thousands of cases of possible occupational exposures, safety investigations, and compliance investigations.

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