Construction Vibrations

Construction & Machine Vibrations​

Assess and minimize damage due to construction activities and machine vibration

Exponent's multidisciplinary teams measure and evaluate vibration sources, paths, frequencies, and amplitudes to help you better understand the risks to the surrounding structures and environment, identify the root cause of damage or the likelihood of future damage from vibration.

How does Exponent's multidisciplinary approach help you understand the damage caused by machine vibrations and construction?

Construction activities like pile driving, blasting, breaking pavement, and vibratory fill compaction produce strong vibration levels that can cause damage to nearby structures.  

Gauging the total effect of construction-related vibrations requires a full assessment of site characteristics and construction activities, vibration amplitude, and damage mechanisms. Exponent's multidisciplinary investigative process applies mechanical, structural, and civil engineering expertise and includes establishing baseline conditions, assessing vibration sources and paths, analyzing the scale of vibrations on structures and soils, conducting a damage assessment, and, finally, consulting on recommended repairs. 

Cutting-edge research and tools

Exponent uses a modular data acquisition system to record and monitor construction vibrations that can be adapted to the client's specific needs, collecting and processing data from signals sent via wired or wireless connections. Exponent can also integrate video cameras, microphones, and sensors, including accelerometers, geophones, tiltmeters, hygrometers, and thermometers into the data acquisition system. 

Summary of Services

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