Test and Engineering Center, Phoenix

Evaluate or Prototype Your Next Innovation

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A Nucleus for Sophisticated Test Programs

Exponent's Test and Engineering Center (TEC), located in Phoenix, AZ, offers state-of-the-art facilities to accommodate a wide range of testing and prototyping needs.

World-Class Indoor and Outdoor Facilities 

At TEC, Exponent scientists and engineers work across technical disciplines to ensure that your product or prototype meets safety and compliance standards — and delights your customers.  

Our 147-acre facility is designed for large-scale testing and experiments.

TEC offers a combination of specialized test and prototyping equipment with reconfigurable test areas and instrumentation.  

Outdoors, TEC maintains a vehicle proving ground and full-scale crash facility. Inside, you'll find nearly 27,000 square feet of high-bay space, used to evaluate everything from sports equipment to large-format electric vehicle batteries. 

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35+ years of testing expertise
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High-Bay Space
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Onsite Inspections

Meeting Your Challenges Where They Are

Ensuring regulatory compliance. Evaluating equipment safety. Assessing site surface conditions. Our integrated teams of experts in North America, Europe, and Asia conduct on-site inspections, custom testing, and rapid response for a wide range of challenges. Exponent can also assist with inspections in remote locations through encrypted video-streaming capabilities.

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Scientific User Research

Inform Your UX Decisions With Science

Our Exponent user experience (UX) teams design safe, successful user experience rooted in a deep understanding of your audiences. While we can tackle virtually any UX challenge, we offer particular expertise in automotive products, consumer products, industrial equipment, and medical devices.

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