Sustainability & Climate Change

Workers assess wind and alternative energy. Exponent provide expertise for sustainability and climate change issues.

Protect water, assets, and the environment with better sustainability practices and climate change planning

With climate change, extreme weather events and materials disruptions are growing more common. Businesses and governments are seeking sound scientific and engineering insights to update and quantify their sustainability practices to protect people and wildlife and secure vital resources and assets. Exponent's multidisciplinary teams can provide breakthrough insights regarding sustainability and climate change planning.

How can you leverage Exponent's leading sustainability and climate change expertise backed by advanced technology and quantifiable methodologies?

Governments and businesses are prioritizing sustainability programs and metrics as critical components for analysis, decision-making, and project planning. Sustainability practices can help businesses address the challenges of climate change, make sound business decisions, adapt to evolving markets, meet regulatory requirements, accelerate growth, minimize risk, and elevate reputation.

Exponent's experienced, evidence-backed consulting can help guide your sustainability efforts in various applications and industries. Our environmental sustainability consultants have provided data services and analytics for industrial projects, litigation, and high-profile oil spills; complex soil health evaluations; due diligence investigations; multidisciplinary technical, regulatory, and professional support for end-to-end product stewardship; and holistic, multiphase consulting for large-scale renewable energy projects.

Critical to sustainability planning is obtaining clarity on climate-related uncertainty — whether projecting water availability during a drought, characterizing flood risk amidst changing weather patterns, or preventing a wildfire during high winds. From an industry and government planning perspective, extreme weather events heighten the risk of valuable infrastructure and asset failure such as utility, energy, and water distribution facilities, bridges, roads, and railways, which are essential for the continuity of business operations and modern life. To address these climate change and sustainability challenges, our scientists and engineers use state-of-the-art technology to provide predictive modeling with quantifiable analytical frameworks.


Exponent's environmental sustainability consultants provide technical and managerial expertise for sustainability projects, including environmental data acquisition and analytics, product stewardship, renewable energy, and sophisticated climate change consulting.

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