Hydrology & Hydraulics

A large hydroelectric dam. Exponent helps you Identify and address hazards and plan for appropriate water supply.

Forecast long-term water availability, reduce hazard risk, and plan for future needs

In this era of climate change and shifting rainfall patterns, water resources planning has become critically important to businesses and governments looking to safeguard water availability, protect human life and infrastructure, and maintain vital habitats. Exponent provides expert hydrologic and hydraulic analyses and water consulting services, so you can identify and address hazards and plan for appropriate water supply.

Improve your water resources management with data-driven answers.

Hydrologic and hydraulic analyses are employed for hazard mitigation and forensic investigations of flooding events, for developing reservoir management plans, and for analyzing Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) floodplain mapping and impacts to infrastructure. These analyses are becoming increasingly relevant to Exponent's clients, who are developing plans to safeguard water supplies and availability and identify and mitigate costly hazards. Also, our technical approach to habitat management and restoration relies on these analyses.

Exponent has extensive experience addressing water issues and regulatory requirements, including rainfall-runoff and watershed analyses, flood protection, groundwater management, groundwater flow and transport simulations, dam and reservoir management, water supply development, water quality management, water distribution networks, and more. Exponent's expertise also includes evaluating sediment transport, geomorphology, and the impacts of subsidence on water flows in key infrastructure. Our scientists and engineers are focusing on the latest research describing the impacts of climate change and assisting our clients in understanding and responding to the resulting shifts in weather patterns, water availability, and water quality.

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