Hydroelectric Power

Clyde Dam Power Station, New Zealand


Hydroelectric power is a key component of a successful sustainable energy transition strategy — but one that can be challenging to implement. Exponent supports complex hydropower projects with multidisciplinary expertise in hydrology, water quality and water rights, energy economics, regulatory compliance, asset condition assessment and monitoring, climate change evaluations, and more.

How do you make hydroelectric power generation a key component of your energy transition strategy?

Exponent helps clients develop and maintain hydroelectric capacity to optimize opportunities to generate, transmit, and store renewable energy.

Create data-informed water resource management

Climate change and shifting regulations are generating new hydroelectric energy challenges, such as safeguarding water quality and availability, protecting infrastructure, and addressing threats like invasive species — all while maintaining vital habitats for endangered species. Whether conducting hydraulic and hydrologic analyses to assist clients with water resource planning, improving water quality and responding to regulatory requirements, or addressing complex water rights issues with competing uses, Exponent helps clients adapt to climate change and other sustainability challenges.

Improve the overall performance of your hydroelectric power infrastructure or pumped storage systems

Pumped storage hydropower is critical for reliable on-call sources of hydroelectric energy. Exponent's multidisciplinary energy storage and battery technology consulting experts help improve energy capture, performance, reliability, and safety across all facets of grid-scale storage systems.

As the demand for on-call sources of hydroelectric power increases, it's becoming more critical to refurbish and evaluate aging infrastructure for operational and safety issues. Exponent's multidisciplinary engineering teams are uniquely positioned to provide important insights into infrastructure performance issues, material suitability, control system failures, component failure analysis, root-cause investigations, fracture mechanics, and forced outages support.


With expertise in renewable power generation systems and energy storage, Exponent is the "go-to" solution provider for stakeholders struggling with complex technical issues in hydroelectric power generation. 

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