Seismic Protective Systems

Seismic Protective Systems

Develop a seismic protective system tailored to your facility

Exponent assists clients in developing customized new facility designs, analyses, testing, and peer review of seismic protective systems, as well as rehabilitation strategies for existing buildings.

How do you effectively understand seismic risk and implement seismic protection?

Achieving seismic performance requires the control of both deformations and accelerations within a structure; however, very few conventional structural systems allow the engineer to reduce both simultaneously. Advanced seismic protective systems such as base isolation, passive and semi-active damping devices, and re-centering walls and frames improve pre-event damage-resistance and post-earthquake functionality.

How we work

Exponent's seismic protection consulting starts with a feasibility study, followed by detailed structural analysis, device testing, and peer review to help ensure clients reach their specific seismic protective and performance goals. Our design approach requires a deep understanding of seismic protective systems mechanics and the practical experience to implement them in an appropriate, cost-effective way. With experience in nuclear plants, healthcare facilities, and other commercial and industrial structures, we work seamlessly through regulatory compliance processes and peer reviews specific to a variety of domains.

How we quantitatively assess seismic risk and offer solutions

Once a client decides to implement seismic protective systems for a project, we begin extensive analysis, including detailed nonlinear dynamic finite element analysis. Exponent's seismic engineering team has expertise selecting and scaling ground motion records, developing nonlinear finite element models that feature advanced seismic protective devices, and efficiently post-processing results in design and detailing use. Additionally, we can assist with probabilistic risk assessments of structures equipped with these devices to better assess their benefits relative to conventional designs.

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