Biomedical Evaluations

Redefine What's Possible for Medical Devices

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Advance Patient Outcomes

Find the level of scientific rigor your medical devices require, along with the regulatory experience you need to bring them to market in a timely manner. Drawing on the latest materials, methodologies, and technologies, our work helps you innovate without sacrificing safety or performance.

The Exponent Difference

Everything You Need, in One Place

Everything You Need, in One Place

Our global network means our experts, equipment, machine shops — and your products — can all be in one place, saving you time, money, and logistics headaches.
Go Bigger, Faster

Go Bigger, Faster

Exponent has the unique ability to create tests for devices of any size. Clients come to us to perform tests that extend beyond their in-house resources.
Novel Devices Require Novel Tests

Novel Devices Require Novel Tests

Standard test methods may not be able to evaluate all characteristics related to product performance. Our scientists and engineers know how to customize tests to help you understand the limits of device performance early in the design process.
Unique Multidisciplinary Expertise

Unique Multidisciplinary Expertise

Nowhere else will you find Exponent's depth and breadth of scientific, engineering, and regulatory talent, all working together to develop useful insights to help you overcome your product challenges.
Robust Failure Analysis Insights

Robust Failure Analysis Insights

Exponent brings decades of failure analysis insights to every medical device evaluation. Because knowing what has or could go wrong empowers you to invest in targeted efforts to evaluate safety and effectiveness.
Credentialed Talent at the Forefront of Innovation

Credentialed Talent at the Forefront of Innovation

Many of our biomedical experts are pioneers in their field, developing and advising on custom testing procedures, biomedical materials, laboratory and factory designs, and more.

Drive Safety & Compliance

With every advancement in medical device materials and technologies, understanding how they will perform, wear down, and interact with the human body becomes increasingly complex. Engaging our experts early in your product development can help you get ahead of risks, while positioning your devices to achieve FDA and EU compliance. 

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Wear & Biotribology 

Anticipating Medical Device Lifespan & Impact

Get a clear understanding of how your medical devices may wear over time and the related impacts on the people who use them. Exponent offers extensive experience conducting medical device wear testing, establishing custom test programs, and providing data analysis insights to prepare your medical devices for the regulatory process. Our expertise includes conducting wear and durability testing of orthopedic, spine, and cardiovascular devices. 


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Hex-shaped molecules and atoms. Exponent Polmer Sciences & Materials Chemistry consultants provide expert support for every industry.
Polymer Characterization

Expertise in Using Polymers in Medical Implants

Exponent is helping guide the use of polymer biomaterials in next-generation medical implants. Our experts have contributed to many publications, as well as "the book" on polyetheretherketone, known as PEEK (ASTM F2026). We also offer extensive experience on the analyses required for evaluating polyethylene (ASTM F648 and ASTM F2759, and the UHMWPE Biomaterials Handbook).

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Medical Device Evaluation

Innovation That Improves Outcomes

Medical devices are expected to perform under a range of conditions in and around the human body. From biocompatibility and corrosion assessments to finite element analysis and MRI compatibility, Exponent delivers essential insights to help understand device performance. 

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Hold Your Products to a Higher Standard

Exponent brings an unparalleled level of integrated expertise to every test and evaluation. Our commitment to scientific excellence is your competitive advantage.

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