Intentional Data Acquisition

Human-Centered Data for Product Innovation

A group of young adults on phones. Exponent provides scientific and engineering expertise for consumer electronics and products.

Better decisions. Better designs. Better products.

From smart watches to medical device implants, technology is increasingly interacting directly with our bodies. But how do you ensure innovative products work (and work the same for everybody?). Exponent helps answer vital questions through custom-designed, human-centered data studies.

Extend Your Insight Capabilities

Turn to Exponent when you need a partner who is fast, scalable, and global.

Get moving

Get moving

When product launches or regulatory hurdles are on the line, Exponent delivers in weeks, not months.
Start small and go big

Start small and go big

Whether you need dozens of subjects or thousands, our teams can quickly scale to get the right data.
Focus on Your Business

Focus on Your Business

Exponent is an experienced third-party data provider, giving you the support — and confidence — you need to develop studies that are both impartial and meet global privacy standards.
Operational Excellence

Rely on Exponent for Hard-to-Source Data

We tackle the operational complexities of collecting human-centered data from people all around the world.

Test subject wearing a virtual reality headset. Exponent researchers analyze human behaviors.

Specialized Labs

We can conduct a broad range of sophisticated human-centered tests within our dedicated facilities.

Medical Devices, Implants & Surgical Tools [PSMC]

Remote Collection

By deploying network-connected devices, we can gather data from subjects as they go about their lives, greatly extending the reach of traditional methods.

Crowd of people wearing coats and walking on sidewalk. Exponent conducts epidemiological and  biostatistical research.

Pop-Up Data Centers

We establish temporary, high-throughput testing centers around the world to reach populations traditionally underserved by technology testing.

User Research & Testing ​ [HF]
Data gathered intentionally for

equity , diversity , inclusivity , performance

What insights do you need? Exponent designs and executes "fit-for-purpose" data projects to answer your specific questions.

Feedback That Matters

From monitoring health to recognizing faces, our research helps innovators learn and improve faster.

Finite Element Analysis for Medical Devices & Biomaterials
Pioneering Solutions

We Thrive on "It's Never Been Done..."

Bring us a prototype device or a novel therapy and we can determine how to measure what you need. From designing new sensors to crafting data collection strategies, our highly credentialed experts have the knowledge, experience, and creative ingenuity to find the way.

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Hold Your Products to a Higher Standard

Exponent brings an unparalleled level of integrated expertise to every test and evaluation. Our commitment to scientific excellence is your competitive advantage.

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