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Deep Experience With a Vast Array of Materials

Performance, effectiveness, and user safety often rely on the properties and biocompatibility of a product or device's underlying materials. This is increasingly true as companies innovate with new and advanced materials — making evaluating all the more critical. Exponent's unique multidisciplinary approach to assessing materials and design allows us to provide valuable analysis that pinpoints issues and unlocks solutions.

The Exponent Difference

We build collaborative teams to help ensure vulnerabilities are addressed and risks are mitigated, supporting you in creating safer, superior product experiences for your customers and users.

Cross-Industry Learnings

Cross-Industry Learnings

Exponent works across industries, leveraging lessons and insights to address your specific challenge.
Rapid Response

Rapid Response

We understand that your business and reputation are on the line. In the event of an incident, we can mobilize quickly to support your needs.
Beyond the Standards

Beyond the Standards

Standards are the starting point, not the finish line. Our tests are tailored so you can uncover all potential product weaknesses.
Unique Multidisciplinary Expertise

Unique Multidisciplinary Expertise

Nowhere else will you find this depth and breadth of scientific and engineering talent working together to analyze your issues.
Robust Failure Analysis Insights

Robust Failure Analysis Insights

Exponent brings decades of failure analysis insights to materials testing, enabling us to perform rigorous root cause analyses and zero in on the source of the challenge.
At the Forefront of Innovation

At the Forefront of Innovation

Partnering with Exponent means gaining access to the latest thinking on evolving materials, technologies, and their applications. Many of our highly credentialed experts are pioneers in their fields and advise on standards, committees, and boards.

How We Help

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Our materials expertise is at the cutting edge of

foldable displays , facial recognition , organic LEDs , AR goggles , autonomous driving sensors , touch sensors

Our experts bridge the worlds of academic science and industrial applications, the space where consumer electronics innovation lives. We help ensure performance and durability, even for demanding uses like bendable screens or underwater applications.

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Analytical Chemistry Laboratory Services

Understanding at the Molecular Level

Exponent helps you understand materials and their interactions at the chemical, molecular, and atomic level. From analysis of extractables and leachables to assessments regarding purity and contamination to method validation, we can solve your toughest challenges.

How we test differently
Materials evaluation [PSMC]
Paints & Coatings
Materials Analysis

Expertise as Diverse as the World of Materials

From children's toys to skyscrapers, our world is comprised of a myriad of materials. Exponent understands the properties, interactions, and implications of these materials at an unmatched depth and breadth. Engage us at the outset of your project to drive scientific rigor and quantitative insights at every stage of the product lifecycle, while getting ahead of risks.

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Metals Characterization 

Applying Insights to Alloy Composition & Condition

We can conduct deep metallurgical evaluation of anything from basic steels to exotic superalloys. Using the latest methods, we can characterize the microstructure of materials, identify cracking, and analyze deposits. Ultimately, we can provide clear recommendations for functionality, design, or fitness for service.

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Hold Your Products to a Higher Standard

Exponent brings an unparalleled level of integrated expertise to every test and evaluation. Our commitment to scientific excellence is your competitive advantage.

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