Fire & Flammability Evaluations

Taming the Flames with Science

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Fire & Explosion Prevention and Investigation

Fires and explosions can be among the most challenging of product failures to predict or solve. Exponent's thermal sciences experts hold decades of expertise in uncovering what could (or did) cause an ignition. We help you determine what to test, how to understand the results, and what to do next.

Working Toward Human Safety

Across industries and applications, we help clients find and mitigate fire risk.

Baby in a crib. Exponent helps improve the safety, and compliance of children's products with safety evaluations and risk assessments.

Consumer Products

Providing insights on the fire risk of fabrics, paints and other materials.

Side Curtain Airbags


Helping design airbags that deploy without burning occupants and electrical systems that minimize fire risk.

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Consumer Electronics

Assessing the risk or causes of battery fires, explosions, short circuits and voltage overloads.

A tractor harvesting wheat in a field during sunset


Mitigating risks of dust explosions from seemingly innocuous activities such as grain storage and powdered milk processing.

An alternative energy wind and solar farm. Exponent provides strategic support and research to improve wind and hydro power technologies.

Solar Panels

Supporting delivery of alternative energy and helping to keep current running safely in grids.

Fire and Flammability Evaluations-Working Towards Human Safety-Factories


Mitigating risks for dust explosions and other industrial fires.

A close up of a pipe labeled hydrogen at a hydrogen plant


Guiding the safe handling of highly explosive substances such as natural gas, hydrogen, and ammonium nitrate.

Fire sprinker


Assessing the flammability of construction materials and risks of building designs.

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Household Appliances

Advising on how to boost the safety of stoves, water heaters, furnaces.

Extend Your Insight Capabilities

Turn to Exponent when you need a partner who can provide fast, accurate answers for complex fire and flammability challenges. 

Explore All Angles

Explore All Angles

When the cause of fire could be anything, Exponent has the breadth of expertise to explore many angles at once.
In the Lab or On Site

In the Lab or On Site

Whether in our state-of-the-art facilities or at your site, we bring expertise and deliver answers.
When Time Is Critical

When Time Is Critical

When lives and reputations are on the line, we can start testing as soon as the next day.
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We can recreate any type of fire or explosion situation

dust explosions , aerosol can explosions , electrical fires , chemical fires

We apply fire engineering expertise and world class tools to create custom test scenarios that uncover and explain critical risks.

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Beyond the Standards

Keeping Up With Innovation

In many industries, newer approaches aren't addressed by the existing fire and flammability standards. Yet companies are still responsible for their products' safety. We excel at helping clients understand and mitigate their risks.

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Hold Your Products to a Higher Standard

Exponent brings an unparalleled level of integrated expertise to every test and evaluation. Our commitment to scientific excellence is your competitive advantage.

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