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From the Bottom of the Ocean to Outer Space

Battery Supply Chain Services [EECS]

Batteries Expertise Across Industries and Applications

Exponent has developed custom battery testing for everything from submarine batteries to power packs for space stations. Equipped with failure analysis insights from the past 50+ years, we're here to help you understand the data and the science so you can get ahead of vulnerabilities, ranging from design to manufacturing, product release, and post-market surveillance.

The Exponent Difference

Everything You Need, in One Place

Everything You Need, in One Place

An extensive global network is particularly important for battery testing, since batteries can't be shipped easily (or at all). Our experts, equipment, and test facilities enable us to bring solutions to the battery, wherever it is.
Go Bigger, Faster

Go Bigger, Faster

Exponent has the unique ability to scale up for tests of all sizes, which is critical in industries like electric vehicles and utilities. Clients often come to us for our capabilities and to fill voids that they can't manage in-house.
Don't Settle for Standard Tests

Don't Settle for Standard Tests

Standards don't keep pace with innovation or uncover all potential product weaknesses. Our tests are tailored so you can identify vulnerabilities early on in the design phase and address them before it's too late.
Unique Multidisciplinary Expertise

Unique Multidisciplinary Expertise

Nowhere else will you find this depth and breadth of scientific, engineering, and regulatory talent, all working together to uncover insights into your battery challenges.
Robust Failure Analysis Insights

Robust Failure Analysis Insights

Exponent brings decades of failure analysis data and insights to battery testing. Because knowing what could go wrong — not just what will go wrong — empowers you to invest in the right areas.
Talent at the Forefront of Innovation

Talent at the Forefront of Innovation

We assemble teams of highly credentialed scientists and engineers to ensure the analytical rigor you need. Many of our consultants are pioneers in their fields and recognized experts who advise on standards, committees, and boards.

How We Help

Passing a standard battery test doesn't tell you what could go wrong or even how your product will perform in the field. Our science and engineering teams design custom tests for everything from medical devices to electric vehicles, proactively getting ahead of risks to help protect your business and customers.

A young person wears headphones made of synthetic polymer material. Exponent evaluates products in consumer products.


Informing the designs of durable, next-generation electronics.

X-ray reveals a medical device such as a pacemaker. Exponent performs critical analysis to determine the safety of new technologies.

Medical Devices

Driving safety, biocompatibility, and innovative solutions.

Vehicle Electronics & Electrical Systems​ [EECS]

Electric Vehicles

Ensuring high-performance electric vehicles that go further.


Energy Storage

Evaluating portable energy storage to full-scale grid storage.

Engineer Testing a Battery
Battery & Energy Storage Engineering Services

Pushing Power Further

Testing is only the start of our capabilities. Our energy storage and battery technology consulting experts help clients across all stages of the product lifecycle.

Batteries expertise
Global Network_Shanghai Lab-battery testing
Global Response

For Time-Critical, Mission-Critical Challenges

Clients count on us for their high-stakes, urgent challenges. Exponent's in-house testing facilities along with our partner network provide rapid response on every continent, and we don't stop investigating until we get to the breakthrough insights you need.

Testing services
New and Uncharted_lab testing
Pioneering Solutions

New & Uncharted Is Where We Thrive

When there isn't an existing solution, we invent one. Exponent excels at tailoring a test or evaluation to your specific needs. Our work is powered by the knowledge, experience, and creative ingenuity of our highly-credentialed experts. Because scientific rigor should underpin your most important decisions, not conjecture.

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Hold Your Products to a Higher Standard

Exponent brings an unparalleled level of integrated expertise to every test and evaluation. Our commitment to scientific excellence is your competitive advantage.

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