Electric Vehicle Evaluations

Drive Safety, Reliability & Sustainability

Electric Vehicle Evaluations_EV testing

Science That Shapes Electric Vehicle Technologies

Electric vehicles exist at the cutting edge of multiple technologies, including batteries, computing, electrical systems and materials. Exponent brings the cross-disciplinary expertise needed to evaluate them independently and as a system, helping advance their safety, performance, and commercial viability.

Full Product Lifecycle Support

From Ideation to Creation to Evaluation

Exponent is uniquely positioned to support the full electric vehicle (EV) product lifecycle. We partner with clients to provide the engineering and scientific support needed to push boundaries on diverse product categories.

ADAS, inside vehicle testing
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

ADAS-Equipped Electric Vehicles

Exponent has been working to improve driver assistance systems since their inception. We help clients mitigate long-term risks with our custom testing and independent reviews that uncover areas of concern in electric vehicles — from the circuitry and battery sensors to operating modes and trigger responses.

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James Dean Accident Reconstruction
Failure Analysis

Learning From Failure

When accidents and failures happen, we can help identify detailed, actionable answers for what went wrong. From the dynamic behavior of vehicles to technical issues to component inspections, we study all aspects of any discovered issues and communicate them clearly so you can make the best decisions for correcting them.

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Testing and Evaluations-EV Battery Testing_EV charging
EV Battery Testing

Elevate Battery Safety & Performance

Electric vehicle fires can stem from battery issues or in systems that fail while powered with batteries. Exponent is uniquely positioned to take an integrated approach to investigating your battery management unit (BMU), battery cells, and battery pack. Our experts across thermal sciences, vehicle engineering, and materials corrosion can provide a 360-degree view of your design, environmental conditions, and other potential vulnerabilities.

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Global Network_Shanghai Lab-battery testing
Global Response

For Time-Critical, Mission-Critical Challenges

Clients count on us for their high-stakes, urgent challenges. Exponent's in-house testing facilities along with our partner network provide rapid response on every continent, and we don't stop investigating until we get to the breakthrough insights you need.

Testing services
New and Uncharted_lab testing
Pioneering Solutions

New & Uncharted Is Where We Thrive

When there isn't an existing solution, we invent one. Exponent excels at tailoring a test or evaluation to your specific needs. Our work is powered by the knowledge, experience, and creative ingenuity of our highly-credentialed experts. Because scientific rigor should underpin your most important decisions, not conjecture.

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Hold Your Products to a Higher Standard

Exponent brings an uncommon level of integrated expertise to every test and evaluation. Our commitment to scientific excellence is your competitive advantage.

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