Vehicle Electronics & Electrical Systems

A side view of car frames on a robotic assembly line. Exponent provides support for all vehicle engineering challenges.

Navigate vehicle electronic system performance from hood to trunk

Electrical and electronic systems in both passenger and commercial vehicles are rapidly growing more complex as innovative new technologies are implemented. Exponent's electrical engineers and computer scientists have the industry experience necessary to increase the viability of your ADAS applications, from vehicle-level integration requirements to individual subsystem and component design validation.

How can you design and optimize effective vehicle electronics and electrical systems?

Exponent's vehicle electronics group has vast experience in electrical and electronics systems, including powertrain, body, chassis, safety, entertainment, and engine control system hardware and software. Our team is well versed in the failure modes of high-duty cycle sensors and actuators, both inert and detrimental effects of electromagnetic interference, and relevant mitigation methods.

To optimize product design, validation, and life-testing processes for vehicle electronic systems, we have carried out proof-of-concept projects for several clients and can explore factors not previously understood or considered during initial product design and development. This work aligns well with Exponent's failure and fault analysis methods for proactively reviewing the designs of vehicle systems.

As a result of our rich history in failure analysis, we can conduct in-depth design reviews, enabling our clients to evaluate advanced systems.

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