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World-Class Experts & Facilities

When tons of metal is hurtling along in the hands of fallible humans (or computers), ensuring safety is a daunting task. Exponent brings the expertise and equipment needed to provide clients with the best information and insights for decision making.

Deep Transportation Industry Expertise

We partner with manufacturers and regulators to study and improve all aspects of vehicles.

Transporting car shell

Structural Crashworthiness

Studying vehicles at a fundamental level to improve their response to extreme physical impacts.

A shot of a person in the behind the steering wheel of a car buckling their seatbelt

Restraints and Protections

Quantifying active and passive restraint system performance — in real time — through restraint and crash-specific evaluations.

Rubbers, Tires & Elastomers [PSMC]

Wheels, Tires & Brakes

Guiding improvements in the handling and stopping power of vehicles to avoid crashes in the first place.

A car headlight

Glass & Glazings

Analyzing the safety characteristics of glass and plastic compounds.

A driver navigating their car on a busy highway. Exponent's vehicle engineers and researchers support innovative driving technologies.

Vehicle Controls and Displays

Helping align controls with human perception and physical capabilities, based on deep user research.

Advanced driver assistance systems buttons on the interface of a vehicle dashboard

Advanced Automation

Fostering innovation in sensors and systems to assist or automate driving.

Extend Your Insight Capabilities

Turn to Exponent when you need more than a testing vendor. We take vehicle safety analysis to the next level. 

Deep Industry Expertise

Deep Industry Expertise

Our experts have worked hand-in-hand for decades with the major auto makers, aircraft companies and others.
In the Lab or In the Field

In the Lab or In the Field

Whether in our state-of-the-art facilities or at an accident site, we bring expertise and deliver answers.
When Time Is Critical

When Time Is Critical

When lives and reputations are on the line, we can start testing as soon as the next day.
An offroad sports utility vehicle in action. Exponent engineers evaluate materials and mechanical systems in ROVs.
If it rolls, floats, or flies, we can analyze its safety

aircraft , trains , ships , motorcycles , scooters , trucks , heavy equipment , automobiles

We believe transportation safety can only be improved when viewed from three perspectives simultaneously: the physics of accidents, the mechanics of human injury, and the ability of humans to control vehicles.


ADAS, inside vehicle testing
Pioneering Solutions

Innovative Testing for Automated Driving

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have the potential to transform road safety — but only if the technologies that power them are confirmed safe, too. Exponent is actively developing the testing strategies needed to realize vehicle innovation. 

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Hands on steering wheel driving on right side of car guided by GPS system
Government Regulatory

Supporting the Department of Transportation

Exponent has an ongoing contract with the National Highway Transportation Safety Agency (NHTSA) to study all aspects of driverless car technologies. 

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Batteries & Energy Storage Technology​ [TS]
Advanced Technologies

Pushing Innovation Further

As transportation evolves to include micromobility devices, electric vehicles (EV), vehicles equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and autonomous vehicles (AV), Exponent continuously expands our capabilities to help clients innovate.

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Exponent brings an unparalleled level of integrated expertise to every test and evaluation. Our commitment to scientific excellence is your competitive advantage.

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