Materials & Corrosion Expertise for Consumer Electronics

A person sitting in a train wearing headphones. Exponent helps manufacturers improve the quality and performance of consumer products.

Expert materials analysis for consumer electronics

Today's consumers expect lightweight, mobile, and complex electronic products with enhanced performance with every iteration. Exponent conducts customized materials analyses and failure investigations to help you improve the performance and safety of consumer electronics while advancing innovation.

Optimize cross-performance functionality for consumer electronics with complex systems.

Modern consumer electronics contain every class of material, from ceramics, glasses, and metals to adhesives, polymer sheets, and composites. Managing the interactions between these materials requires sophisticated analyses to help ensure optimal product performance and safety.

Multidisciplinary expertise.

Our experienced materials scientists and engineers provide unparalleled consumer electronics consulting in collaboration with multidisciplinary experts in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science, thermal sciences, and other areas of expertise to help our clients meet the growing demand for greater functionality from more complex designs.

Full-lifecycle support.

We specialize in helping our clients solve the materials challenges they face during the whole lifecycle of a product, from early prototyping through product development, manufacturing ramp, and managing field returns and issues that arise at end-of-life. 


Exponent provides tailored solutions for complex materials challenges.


Our global and comprehensive expertise across industries gives us a deep understanding of current challenges, best industry practices, and the implications of emerging technologies.