Food Contact Materials Support

Regulatory Compliance [BES]

Ensure food packaging compliance before products go to market

Exponent's Chemical Regulation and Food Safety consultants have the expertise and experience necessary to support the regulatory and technical aspects of food contact material (FCM) regulatory submissions to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Commission, and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), as well as national agencies in the U.K., Switzerland, and other countries worldwide. We can assist FCM manufacturers in managing the compliance submission and review process, and users of FCMs to ensure the materials they source are compliant for the markets of interest. 

How to achieve food contact material approval

Food contact materials are materials that come into contact with food such as processing equipment, packaging, as well as containers used in transport. Because molecules can migrate from the food contact material to the food, many countries regulate FCMs to ensure consumer safety. Common food contact substances include coatings, plastics, paper, adhesives, colorants, printing inks, and antioxidants. Constituents of these materials can migrate from the packaging or containers into the food products and, as such, they are regulated in a number of countries worldwide. In the U.S., the FDA has established a Food Contact Notification (FCN) program, through which all FCMs must be approved. Similarly in Europe, all food contact materials are subject to general controls, while for certain types of FCMs, e.g., plastics, specific measures have been adopted at an EU level. In addition, national controls are in place in certain European countries for other types of FCMs. Similar controls are in effect in the U.K. and Switzerland, as well as a number of other countries worldwide.

Exponent's Chemical Regulation and Food Safety scientists assist FCM manufacturers with regulatory submissions in different countries, including to the U.S. FDA, EFSA, Member State national authorities as well as U.K., Switzerland, and other countries. Our staff is focused on delivering timely, high-quality, creative, and practical solutions to challenges that affect our clients' ability to conduct business globally. Our staff includes both technical and regulatory consultants who are experienced in dealing with regulatory submissions for FCMs. We draw upon expertise in a variety of backgrounds, including regulatory affairs, chemistry and toxicology, and where relevant, ecotoxicology, environmental sciences, and risk modeling, to best meet our clients' needs. We also assist food businesses in ensuring the FCMs they use, whether for packaging or processing of food, are fully regulatory compliant.

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