Environmental Risk Assessment

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Protect natural resources with expert environmental risk analysis

Exponent is a leader in developing and implementing novel scientific approaches to assess and manage ecological and environmental risks. We can help you assess risks posed by legacy spills and contamination, address potential project and product risks, and support environmental remediation.

How does Exponent's multidisciplinary approach help you meet environmental regulatory requirements, reduce risk, and remediate contamination?

Exponent performs environmental risk assessments to evaluate whether site conditions — from chemical contamination and climate change to the introduction of invasive species or other biological stressors — pose a risk to ecological resources and their associated ecosystems, including vegetation, invertebrates, fish, and wildlife.

Our multidisciplinary teams combine practical approaches with state-of-the-art analyses to support our clients' diverse needs. We not only address the risks of legacy and emerging chemicals but also new products, pharmaceuticals, technologies, facilities, and physical alterations of ecosystems. Our ecological and environmental scientists work closely with our health sciences teams to address ecological and human health risks associated with any project.

In the absence of specific regulatory guidance, we have developed novel approaches to provide scientific evidence and quantifiable data to support our clients' business decisions.


Exponent's environmental risk assessment consultants support clients with a range of ecological and environmental evaluation services.

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