Academic Credentials
  • B.Sc., Agricultural, Food & Environmental Chemistry, University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK, 1991

Ms. McGuire is a Principal Scientist and leads the Biocides Team in the UK. She holds a BSc Honours in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Chemistry from the University of Glasgow and is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, a Chartered Chemist and Chartered Scientist.

Ms. McGuire has extensive regulatory and research chemistry experience obtained from working in contract research and consultancy, within residue chemistry and regulatory affairs focusing primarily on biocides (including devices) and industrial chemicals for over 30 years.

In terms of biocides legislative success, several biocidal product active substances on which Ms. McGuire has worked (including one of the first new biocide active substances) have received recommendations for the Union List of approved active substances. Numerous biocidal product dossiers, including biocidal product families, which Ms. McGuire has prepared and submitted, have received authorisation throughout Europe. Ms. McGuire routinely attends ECHA working groups, biocidal product committee meetings and Competent Authority meetings.

Prior to joining Exponent, Ms. McGuire was routinely involved in performing human health and environmental exposure and risk assessments for biocides, industrial chemicals, plant protection products and pharmaceuticals, and was actively involved in the technical aspects of REACH, in addition to working on biocide and plant protection dossiers.

Before working in regulatory affairs, Ms. McGuire spent 7 years managing and developing Residue Chemistry services at the former Inveresk Research (now Charles River Laboratories), where her group of 18 chemists provided analytical support for studies related to the development and registration of agrochemicals and veterinary pharmaceuticals. She has a strong background in the development, validation and application of analytical methods using a variety of analytical techniques including GC, GC-MS, HPLC, LC-MS and LC-MS/MS. Her study experience includes the conduct of field residue trials, soil dissipation/accumulation studies, all aspects of residue depletion studies conducted in farm animals and field operator exposure studies throughout Europe. Regarding the latter topic, she was actively involved in the design of the first operator exposure studies working alongside ECPA. In addition to her analytical chemistry skills she has strong management skills, having trained and developed staff for the last 30 years.