Environmental Risk Assessment for Pharmaceuticals & Veterinary Products

Various pharmaceuticals

Full-cycle environmental exposure and risk assessments

Gaining regulatory approval and meeting product defense requirements for pharmaceutical and veterinary products has become increasingly complex in the U.S. and EU. Exponent conducts environmental risk assessments for pharmaceuticals and veterinary products to evaluate fate and transport properties and develop potential exposure scenarios.

How does Exponent help clients assess the environmental impact of their pharmaceutical and veterinary products?

For decades, Exponent has helped clients with complex issues involving nanotechnology, endocrine disruptors, biologicals, genetically modified organisms, and traditional human and veterinary pharmaceuticals.

Our environmental toxicologists and regulatory specialists are involved in the global dialogue surrounding the detection of trace concentrations of pharmaceuticals in surface water, wastewater, and drinking water and the related issues of potential treatment, risk, and regulation. Our assessments range from simple justifications for categorical exclusion to complex multi-parameter, multi-receptor watershed-scale risk assessments.

Exponent delivers support at all phases:

  • Initial strategy development
  • Placement and monitoring of studies
  • Preparation of the environmental assessment
  • Regulatory submission and negotiations

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