Dr. Christopher White Joins the UN Environmental Effects Assessment Panel as a Member and Author


May 18, 2021

Dr. Christopher C. White, Ph.D., senior managing scientist in Exponent's Polymer Science & Materials Chemistry practice, joins the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Environmental Effects Assessment Panel (EEAP). Dr. White was selected for his specialized expertise in the properties and degradation of a wide range of materials in relation to sustainability and weathering due to rapid climate change and variations in ultraviolet radiation.

EEAP is one of three panels that advises the parties to the Montreal Protocol regarding ozone depletion and the consequences of climate change on human health, animals, plants, biogeochemistry, air quality, and materials. Dr. White joins the panel as a member and author of the Working Group on natural and synthetic materials. In addition, he is invited to attend EEAP's "Update Assessment" meeting in September 2021, one of the annual meetings before the next Quadrennial Assessment Report. The assessments will be included on the UNEP-ozone webpage and prepared for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.