Health Sciences Practice Hires New Principal

Exponent is Pleased to Announce that Dr. Sheila Weiss has Joined the Firm

July 15, 2020

Dr. Weiss is an epidemiologist with 25 years of experience in pharmacoepidemiology and regulatory sciences. She specializes in the safety of FDA-regulated medical products, drugs, biologics, vaccines, devices, and combination products. Dr. Weiss works with pharmaceutical companies to develop, articulate, and optimize safety strategies at all phases of a product lifecycle, from pre-approval through post-marketing. In addition to conducting epidemiological studies, she works on the design and evaluation of registries, risk evaluation and mitigation strategies (REMS), and pharmacovigilance signal detection strategies/enhanced pharmacovigilance of adverse events. Dr. Weiss serves as a consultant and expert witness on litigation involving the safety of regulated medical products.