Cellular Agriculture Developments & Opportunities in Europe

Exponent Presents at Future Food-Tech in London

September 28 - 29, 2023
Food Safety & Nutrition Regulatory Support

With recent government initiatives advancing cellular agriculture in the EU and the U.K. — from the Netherlands' approval of cultured meat and cell-based tastings to the U.K. government's £12 million investment in the Cellular Agriculture Manufacturing Hub — cellular agriculture industry growth in Europe may be poised to accelerate.

At the Future Food-Tech summit, learn how current developments in government advocacy, regulation, innovation, and consumer perception are creating opportunities for the future of cellular agriculture and cell-based products in Europe. Connect with our Chemical Regulation & Food Safety team exhibiting at booth 2, and gain insights from Exponent's European Head of Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs consulting services Rhodri Evans, Ph.D., FIFST, in his panel discussion on Sept. 29. More details below.

Hotdogs being wrapped by an automated machine at a food packaging plant

"European Spotlight: Accelerating Cell Culturing through Collaboration & R&D"

FRIDAY, SEPT. 29 | 12:00 P.M. BST

Speakers: Rhodri Evans, Ph.D., Head of Food Safety and Regulatory Affairs (Europe), Exponent; Ira van Eelen, Co-Founder, RESPECTfarms & Board Member, Cellulaire Agricultuur Nederland; Artun Sukan, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Uncommon

This Future Food-Tech panel will discuss:

  • What recent governmental support means for the cell-based food industry and how cell culturing players are collaborating with new initiatives
  • The cellular agriculture regulatory landscape across Europe and its impact on the industry
  • Technological innovations in cell culturing, growth media, and scaffolding and accelerating scale
  • Business strategies and messaging for improving consumer perception of cell-based food
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