Academic Credentials
  • M.Sc., Toxicology, National University of Ireland Galway, 2018
  • Environmental Sciences, University College Cork (UCC), Ireland, 2017

Ms Power works across the Chemical Regulation & Food Safety and Health Sciences practices. Her work focuses on evaluating data for plant protection products, biocides, industrial chemicals and novel foods for human health endpoints and conducting endocrine disruptor assessments.

Ms Power has a bachelor's degree in Environmental Sciences, as well as a master's degree in Toxicology. Her Master's research involved investigating the mechanisms by which clastogenic chemicals induce cell death. She previously spent almost 3 years working in the cosmetics sector, where she was responsible for assessing the safety of ingredients and raw materials for inclusion into finished products, safety assessment of formulations, organization of safety testing, preparation of dossiers for registration purposes and post-market surveillance in the form of adverse reaction monitoring for both cosmetic and food products.