Dr. Susan Kane Driscoll Co-Author of Article Selected as a 2020 Exceptional Paper

Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry recognizes the work of Dr. Driscoll and her collaborators

July 14, 2021

Susan Kane Driscoll, Ph.D., senior managing scientist in Exponent's Ecological & Biological Sciences practice, has published a paper recognized as one of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry's (ET&C) Exceptional Papers of 2020.

Dr. Driscoll's publication, "Development of a Novel Equilibrium Passive Sampling Device for Methylmercury in Sediment and Soil Porewaters," was selected from 250 articles for its scientific impact, public and professional interest, comprehension, and experimental design and quality. In her award-winning paper, Dr. Driscoll and her coauthors explore the concept of equilibrium passive sampling for determining the concentration of chemically labile or bioavailable methylmercury (MeHg) in surface waters and sediment porewaters to make predictions about risk and to evaluate the impact of potential remediation on risk. Their study demonstrates a potential new approach to passive sampling of MeHg through the development of a device that can provide time-averaged concentration trends.

In acknowledgement of her valuable contribution, ET&C will publish the title of Dr. Driscoll's paper, along with the other 2020 Exceptional Papers, in their July 2021 issue.

To learn more about Dr. Driscoll's award-winning publication, click here.