Exponent Celebrates 50 Years

January 4, 2017

Friends of Exponent,

Today, Exponent turns 50.

Exponent's story illustrates both the present and the future of our world. Our firm is unique in that we assemble expert teams from over 90 disciplines to address the increasingly manifold character of scientific and technological problems and solutions. The ever-widening complexity of Exponent's own expert ecosystem parallels the complexity we observe in advanced societies everywhere.

Our work throughout the years points the way not only to Exponent's future, but also toward our common future. To build a better world, together we must work with informed precision to correct the setbacks of yesterday and to prevent those of tomorrow.

We look forward to the next half-century of helping our clients solve their problems and manage their risks. Many thanks to all of them for their faith in our knowledge and to our employees for their intellect, energy, and dedication.

All the best,

Paul R. Johnston, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer