Groundbreaking Long-Term Care EHR Data Offer Rich Research Opportunities

Exponent Presents at the International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology (ISPE) Annual Conference

August 23 - 27, 2023
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Exponent's multidisciplinary team of experts in pharmacoepidemiology and electronic health record (EHR) data will be giving attendees of the ISPE Annual Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, a first look at the largest, first-of-its-kind collection of long-term care EHR data built in conjunction with the Long-Term Care (LTC) Data Cooperative.

The data, which cover nursing homes across the U.S., offer researchers an unprecedented opportunity to conduct observational research, comparative effectiveness studies, and pragmatic trials in a particularly vulnerable population — older adults who reside in long-term care facilities.

Connect with our team exhibiting at booth 302, where you can learn about their real-world data consulting expertise and the impact of the LTC Data Cooperative. And on August 26, don't miss Exponent Managing Data Scientist Michael Simon, Ph.D., present on the group's latest findings from 11:30am to 1pm at poster #239.

Nursing home hands close up, Long term care

"Novel Data and Lag-Times within the EHR Provided by the Long-Term Care Data Cooperative"

SATURDAY, AUGUST 26 | 11:30 A.M.-1:00 P.M.

Speaker: Michael Simon, Ph.D.

Exponent's team characterized EHR data collected by the LTC Data Cooperative from 793 nursing homes throughout the U.S. that joined the cooperative before March 31, 2022. The study population included residents admitted to long-term care facilities on or after January 1, 2019, representing 293,605 short- and long-stay individuals and 386,052 admissions. Comprising an array of values with associated timestamps recorded on a daily or otherwise frequent basis, EHR data from long-term care facilities represent a rich and comprehensive longitudinal data source for researchers to conduct effectiveness and safety research and offer an efficient and effective method for data collection for interventional research in long-term care.

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