Now You See It: Utilizing Photogrammetry for Analysis & Visualizations

Adopting laser scanning technology for application in capturing video evidence

December 2, 2020

Join Exponent and explore how photogrammetry evolution has improved capturing video evidence

Capturing video evidence of an event or accident can often lead to more questions than answers. Photogrammetry is the science of extracting reliable measurements from photographs and videos by utilizing known dimensions. However, challenges can arise when capturing an event from a single vantage point, at a distance, or only partially.

In this webinar, "Now You See It: Utilizing Photogrammetry for Analysis and Visualizations," Exponent multimedia experts explore how adopting laser scanning has made photogrammetry an even more powerful tool for digitally documenting three-dimensional representations of real-world sites and objects more accurately.

What you'll learn:

  • Key principles behind camera-matching
  • Techniques for creating visual demonstratives and powerful analytical tools

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