Academic Credentials
  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Arizona State University, 2007
  • M.S., Electrical Engineering, Arizona State University, 2003
Licenses & Certifications
  • Professional Engineer, Arizona, #54771
  • Six Sigma Black Belt Certification (CSSBB)
Professional Affiliations
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers—IEEE (member)
  • Tamil

Dr. Pinnangudi specializes in the field of electrical engineering with emphasis on electrical power systems. His doctoral thesis at Arizona State University was based on life prediction and estimating remaining life of nonceramic/polymer high voltage insulators. 

Dr. Pinnangudi also has broad expertise in analog and digital electronic systems, computer systems, programmable controllers and software systems. Dr. Pinnangudi is a certified six-sigma black belt (a quality assurance and control certification).

At Exponent, Dr. Pinnangudi performs design review, failure analysis, life prediction, reliability assessment, safety evaluation, and condition monitoring as related to electrical and electronic systems and components; particularly in the field of power storage and conversion including power electronics, energy storage systems, battery charging and management systems (laptops, cable modems, e-book readers, medical devices), power supplies, and UPS systems.

Additionally, Dr. Pinnangudi offers regulatory compliance testing and consulting services. He was an integral part of the CTIA initiative at Exponent to verify the conformance of cellular products (and other products with Li-ion batteries that operated on wireless networks) to latest revision of the IEEE 1725, standard for rechargeable batteries for cellular telephones. He conducts testing and detailed review of supporting evidence from cellular product manufacturers for compliance. He was also involved with the CTIA IEEE 1625 initiative.

Dr. Pinnangudi also consults on electrical power systems and degradation mechanisms associated with insulators in high voltage systems.

Prior to Exponent, Dr. Pinnangudi was working as a senior consultant at Global Energy Advisors, Sacramento. His job responsibilities included energy forecasts, modeling and assessing regional power/fuel markets, advanced quantitative/qualitative analysis of energy market fundamentals, and serving as an advisor for clients to develop solutions for power business problems.