Battery Design Review, Quality & Safety Assessments

A person reviews the detailed images of batteries on a computer screen. Exponent conducts detailed battery analysis for safety and performance.

Objectively Understand Product Vulnerabilities

Exponent offers state-of-the-art battery design, performance, quality, and safety assessments, effectively supporting manufacturers' requirements and industry standards.

How does Exponent's unique multidisciplinary approach provide breakthrough insights for battery design, performance, quality, and safety challenges?

Life-saving medical interventions. Net-zero emissions targets. Energy-efficient communities. Interconnected, AI-powered devices. Across an array of products and industries, batteries underpin the innovations of the future. To make these goals a reality, our clients face rigorous performance, operational, and safety standards — and they need a trusted partner who understands today's challenges as well as tomorrow's.

At Exponent, we support our clients from ideation to post-market surveillance through battery design review, battery quality assessment, and battery safety assessments. We understand the scope and intent of battery standards across industries, and we have built our reputation on leveraging cross-industry knowledge to support boundary-pushing startups and established brands alike. Our experience enables us to identify issues and help clients formulate solutions with speed as we push performance beyond standardized tests to help ensure battery function as part of a complete, integrated product.

Our battery assessments include:

  • Design Review Assessment: Independent review of whether elements of a battery's design or any surrounding elements are likely to impact its safety or function, supported by choices in corrective action/risk mitigation. 
  • Quality Assessment: Analysis of the quality and reliability of the battery given specific conditions and design factors, such as evaluation of how the operational environment could impact risk in an outdoor energy storage facility or a marine product where the battery may be encased in potting materials. 
  • Safety Assessment: Investigation into battery failure modes and identification of engineering solutions directed at bespoke performance targets, whether the goal is to achieve graceful end-of-life conditions or confirm the reliability of a medical device.

Insight-driven analysis

The battery product journey is fraught with challenges, including precision performance, operation, and safety expectations. Companies are forced to focus on passing standardized tests, some of which may not fully reflect risks in design, reliability, foreseeable use, and environmental factors during the product lifetime.

With more than 50 years of failure analysis, Exponent applies understanding of failure sequences and potential propagation, allowing us to offer clients valuable insights into the possible consequences of various component or system failures and the product journey in different contexts. We help ensure that each phase of a battery-enabled product design process lays the groundwork for the next — and nothing falls through the cracks of individual requirements.

Examples of the specific considerations we bring to different industries include: